Artl. no: M71.10
Published in: Uppsala 2016
Pages: 451
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-91-7081-209-5
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The Field Survey of the Vasilikos Valley. Volume II.

Artefacts Recovered by the Field Survey.

by Ian A. Todd

This volume is the 10th report in the series of final publications of the excavations and studies of the Vasilikos Valley Project in the Larnaca District on the southern coast of Cyprus.


Chronological Table
The commercial/industrial development of the southern Vasilikos valley by Ian A. Todd

Section A. Ceramics

Note on catalogued sherds
1. Neolithic–Chalcolithic by Joanne Clarke
2. Early Bronze Age/Middle Bronze Age by Mara T. Horowitz
3. Late Bronze Age by Alison South
4. Geometric–Archaic by Anna Georgiadou
5. Classical–Late Roman periods by Marcus Rautman
6. Mediaeval period to Colonial by Bethany Walker

Section B. Other artefacts

7. Summary of other artefacts by Ian A. Todd
8. Chipped stone industries by Carole McCartney
9. Ground stone artefacts by Ian A. Todd
10. Other artefacts by Ian A. Todd

Appendix I

A double-sided stamp seal from Kalavasos-Arkhangelos by Joanna S. Smith

Appendix II

A wall bracket fragment with Cypro-Minoan sign from Kalavasos-Kaparovouno
by Joanna S. Smith

Appendix III

Catalogue of artefacts by Ian A. Todd.
Not included in the printed volume but available here:

List of VVP survey sites in numerical order
List of VVP survey sites in alphabetical order
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