Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology – over 50 years of publishing activity.

Paul Åströms förlag, Astrom Editions, was founded by Professor Paul Åström in 1962 to publish monographs on Mediterranean archaeology. Almost 60 years later, the monograph series Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology (SIMA) comprises over 180 dissertations, excavation reports and monographs covering a broad range of topics. An equal number of titles have been published in the parallel series, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology and Literature – Pocket-books.

Following Paul Åström’s death in 2008, the publishing company, Astrom Editions – was reconstructed. In honour of Paul’s major contribution to archaeology, the publishing activity continues with a focus on high quality and high scientific standards. Astrom Editions is now managed by Dr Lennart Åström. The two SIMA monograph series are edited by Professor David Frankel and Dr Jennifer Webb from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia), with the assistance of an Editorial Board of international scholars.

Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology publishes monographs on the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean world from Palaeolithic to Roman times. It provides an outlet for the publication of primary archaeological data, particularly excavation reports. While the primary focus is on research carried out in Cyprus and Greece, other areas of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, are included within its scope.